Cutting the Cost of Your Treatment

At Premier Physical Therapy Clinic I aim to keep our fees as low as possible, providing you with professional and effective care at the best value for money around. I will always do my best to reduce your number of visits and thereby keeping your expense to a minimum. If a persons symptoms are chronic and may take more visits than average, I will reduce the cost of the treatments by €10 after the third visit. 

Insurance Refunds – save up to €25 per session

The cost of treatment can be as low as €15 depending on your health insurance cover. Vhi, Aviva Health, Irish Life Insurance, Laya Healthcare, and the Garda Medical Scheme may cover some of the cost of Physical Therapy. Check your policy to see what you may be entitled to.

I am a member of The Irish Association of Physical Therapists, so treatments are usually covered by VHI, Laya, Aviva and all other major private health insurance providers. Coverage may vary depending on your plan and your insurance company, therefore, please check your provider and policy to see how much they will reimburse and the amount of visits they may cover prior to your treatment. 

 Tax Relief – added savings.

As an example, if your treatment cost is €60 (full fee) and your health insurance policy reimburses you €25, then you may be able to claim a tax relief on the outstanding €25. Tax relief is available on physical therapy costs (on referral from your G.P. or other relevant practitioner) and depending on your level of taxation, you may receive a rebate of up to 42%. Tax relief may be claimed by filling in the MED 1 form available from

 Payment Terms:

All fees are to be paid on day of treatment, including patients with private medical health insurance. A receipt will be issued so you can re-claim part of the fee from your insurance provider.