CPD with John Gibbons 2 Day Course

I recently did a John Gibbons 2 day course in Dublin in May 2017; Spinal Manipulation and METs and the Vital Glutes and Psoas. John is registered Osteopath and author on manual therapy (Vital Gluts and functional anatomy of the pelvis and sacroiliac joint to name just two). He is highly regarded lecturer in Oxford University and world renowned therapist of 20 years. The man is a font of knowledge on Anatomy,Physiology, Dysfunction and Rehabilitation. He also has a great sense of humour which is good as it made the course more engaging and enjoyable. After doing the course I know it’s going to add a greater dimension to my treatment sessions both for my clients and on a personal level as I continue to learn.

John and Myself at his two day ‘Vital Glutes’ course