Covid 19 Protocols

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19?

Symptoms can range from mild to severe illness. Some people will recover easily, and others may get very sick very quickly. People with coronavirus may experience:

  • fever
  • flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue
  • shortness of breath

See which covers symptoms, causes and treatment

The post Covid 19 world is a different one for most people and work places and mine isn’t any different. The protocols I have been advised to put in place to keep my clients and myself safe are cumbersome, yet necessary. When you arrive, rather than a friendly handshake I will be wearing a viral mask and keeping my distance please don’t take offence at this strange behaviour! If you arrive wearing gloves and a mask, you will be asked to remove them. I will be able to provide you with a mask but you may bring your own if it hasn’t been used. When you come in you will be asked to sanitize your hands with an alcohol based hand rub. You must wear the mask for the duration of the appointment. 

Your appointment will be in the familiar format, during the initial consultation social distancing will be observed, but during the treatment phase, this will not be possible. At this stage it is essential that respiratory hygiene is observed, this will be explained to you.

After the appointment you will please remove your mask and dispose of it and apply fresh alcohol based hand rub. 

Treatment times will be shorter to lessen the risk of potential infection. New clients will be asked to fill in a Covid 19 questionaire and a patient information form before their appointment and email it back to me before the appointment. This cuts down on contact time within the clinic and assessment, treatment and rehab can begin as soon as possible.

All this is based on current best practise within our profession. It is a pain but most people are in a similar situation. Saying that these protocols won’t affect the level of care given to each client. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Take care,