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What is the difference between Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy?

There are a number of significant differences between the two professions. Firstly, physiotherapy and physical therapy have been organised within Ireland as discrete professions for two decades. Physiotherapy is a four-year, Level 8 university degree course designed in the main for school leavers, whereas physical therapy is a three-year Level 7 degree course from a private college, designed for mature students and adult learners.

Physiotherapy training focuses primarily on hospital work whereas physical therapy is designed for conditions seen mostly in private practice. Physical therapy training concentrates on the use of manual (or hands-on) techniques exclusively, whereas physiotherapy incorporates electrical modalities were available, such as interferential, ultrasound, tens, laser, and other non-manual treatments. Physical therapists are trained with a view to longer client consultation, incorporating a more holistic approach and a treatment, which by virtue of its hands-on nature, may be more client-centered.

Our Services

Back pain (‘slipped’ disc, osteoarthritis)

Shoulder injuries/conditions

Tennis elbow


Hip and Knee conditions

Hamstring strain

Ankle problems

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Repetitive strains

Auto injuries

Sports injuries

Myofascial Release


Manual Joint Mobilization

Soft Tissue Massage

Trigger point therapy

Sports massage