While trying to recover from a broken ankle Garrett was recommended as a Physical Therapist. His professionalism and attention to my predicament along with a tailored exercise programme enabled me to resume my daily walking routine in a matter of weeks. Highly recommended!

Eamonn Lynch, Clane (2022)

‘Great physical therapist, helping massively, amazing work!’

Dan Rauca, Celbridge (2021)

I have attended Garrett Dockery’s clinic on several occasions and his assessment and treatment of my symptoms has always been first class. He is always punctual and reliable and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Bernard Campbell, Clane (2021)

Garrett is an amazing and very caring physical therapist. I have been seeing him few times over the last couple of years to fix my tight muscle issues on my shoulders, neck, legs and most recently my foot which has caused me some pain when out walking. Whenever I come in Garrett asks me questions, listens and writes down my symptoms where the problem could be located. He puts me at ease and starts the work with music or radio on to keep me calm. After the session Garrett offers to show me how to do exercises with different tools followed by an email with details of the exercises to do or an app to download on your phone with videos of the exercise. I am pleased with his service and would certainly recommend him.

Birthe (April 2018)

”I was referred to Garrett by Gerard Hartmann after a serious sports related back injury.   Straight away I knew I was in good hands, Garrett is one of the few therapist who matches the treatment to the cause.  Treatment was over and above what anyone can expect with detailed follow up, email of various additional exercises to help between sessions. Can’t thank him enough!”

Lisa Yourell (February 2018)

“As a qualified Physiotherapist, I am particularly discerning when choosing a therapist for myself. I began working with Garrett primarily for some manual work and soft tissue release during a training cycle for the Dublin City Marathon 2017. I found him knowledgeable, professional, thorough and genuinely committed to helping me achieve my goals. Above all else the standard of his practice was excellent and even from an early stage I saw significant improvement in results in my function and performance.

Five weeks out from my goal marathon I unfortunately picked up an unfortunate ‘freak’ injury during a race and for the month prior to the event I was not confident of being able to take part. However, thanks in no small part to Garrett’s skill and dedication I not only completed the race but did so in a PB time.

I highly recommend Garrett to any person experiencing pain or reduced function regardless of whether they are actively involved with sport or not. I will certainly be returning to him for my next marathon training programme.”

C. Lavery (November 2017)

‘I visited Garrett over a number of months with a muscular injury to my left  arm. Garret takes a detailed history and completes a thorough assessment. I appreciated Garret’s professional but very personal approach, which inspires confidence and makes the client feel relaxed.
 I like Garret’s holistic style approach, in an unrushed environment, treating the body as a whole, and not just a an isolated body part! Garret displays immense knowledge and enthusiasm for what he does, and is genuinely interested and committed to improve a clients well being, and overall flexibility .
I most definitely have an increased range of motion and less pain and discomfort following my course of treatment, and I wholeheartly  recommend Garrett for a really personal client based service, and attention to detail. Garrett will provide a tailor made stretching and exercise program for each client, and he also provided  e mail follow up to assess my progress and adherence to my exercises! Also,  I am also much more aware of paying attention to my posture on a daily basis, as my job is office based.’
 Many Thanks Garrett
L. Burns (May 2017)

‘I had been struggling with chronic jaw, neck, shoulder and back pain for several years when I contacted Garrett Dockery at the Premier Physical Therapy Clinic.  I was pretty much at my wits end after failing to find any help or understanding from the medical profession. From my own research, I knew it had to be muscular-skeletal related. Close to breaking point one day I did a Google Search for a Physical Therapist in my area. The Premier Physical Therapy Clinic appeared on the first page of results. When I spoke to Garrett on the phone later that day he could not have been more helpful and understanding of my situation. He found an appointment for me that week as he could sense my distress.

From the moment I entered The Premier Physical Therapy Clinic I knew I was in the hands of a therapist who took his work very seriously. The therapy room is laid out to a very high standard; professional, but not at all clinical. I was very tearful that first day, but Garrett immediately put me at ease and showed great compassion and empathy. This was such a change from the attitude I had received from hospital doctors. Garrett took a genuine interest in my condition and conducted a comprehensive background medical history before any treatment commenced.

The treatment was precise and very intense. Garrett meticulously zoomed in on all the areas that were causing so much trouble and worked on bringing about better alignment in my body. Throughout the session he explained exactly what he had found or was doing. He named the offending muscles or fibres and described the process they were undergoing. The whole experience was relaxed and unrushed.

I have since been attending Garrett on a regular basis along with following the personal home-care program he created for me. I have found the treatments of great benefit and support on my road to recovery. Garrett’s ‘work with’ approach to treating clients has helped me develop a better understanding of my body and the lifestyle changes needed to affect positive results.

I cannot thank Garrett enough for the tremendous work he has done, his ongoing support and interest in helping me re-claim my physical strength. With such in-depth knowledge and passion for his work, he could ideally create a series of online videos for tackling the repetitive strain injuries that afflict so many of us today’.

Vivien Ní Dhuinn  (November 2016)

‘Garrett treated me recently for an Achilles tendon running injury. He dealt with the injury over a number of sessions. I am sorry that I didn’t visit him sooner! I found him to be very competent, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and flexible with appointments.

He also provided aftercare in the form of emails with advice on foam rolling and exercises to build up the injured and surrounding muscles. Overall, I found his service to be excellent value for money and I intend to keep visiting him monthly for injury prevention.

I would recommend him to any of my colleagues or friends’.

Ml Fahey, Castlebar (September 2016)

‘I originally came to Garrett with a serious muscle injury. I had a full thickness tear of the soleus muscle in my calf. I believe that all the treatment I received was critical to my recovery and it the reason why I have full mobility and great strength in the leg that was injured. The care I received was not just limited to the sessions but was followed up with homework exercises. Garrett’s in-depth knowledge also helped me to fully understand the extent of my injury, this put me at ease knowing that I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Garrett to anyone’.

Caoimhe Delaney (January 2016)

‘I started attending Garrett after a particularly vigorous vacation had left my lower back in a spasm.  After spending almost a week on heavy duty drugs it was to his credit that I was back on my feet and able to travel to work on the bus again in very short order.  I continue to go to keep my back in good shape as I have a sedentary job and have to travel on the bus for about 3 hours every day.  I can only recommend his services.’

Eva Muhlhause (November 2015)

‘I found Garrett to be very professional and full of knowledge about the body. He takes his time and listen to all your concerns. Overall a very positive experience , I would definitely recommend him to a friend’.

Michelle Guidera (September 2015)

 “I had three one hour treatment sessions with Garrett. He was mainly working on the sciatica issue that I’ve been having. It was excellent value for money and he really takes his time. I would certainly recommend him to friends and family.

Garrett is an excellent therapist. I’ve had sciatica for a few years and after a few sessions with Garrett it had improved a lot. He lets you know what he is doing and why and is great at explaining how the body works and what is causing the problem(s). He also provides lots of useful information and exercises for aftercare.”

Martin F (July 2015)

‘During my pregnancy I suffered with severe back, shoulder and neck pains. I went to Garrett, and in saying that he helped me would be a massive understatement! He dealt with each muscular ache I had and leaving there each session, I felt an incredible amount of relief.  I had knots all over my back that I didn’t even know I had and thanks to Garrett they all disappeared. He dealt with all these issues while still being very gentle and conscience of my pregnancy continually. He went over and beyond to help me throughout my pregnancy-emailing me videos showing exercises that would help me and articles that would assist me on my posture, taking into account the pregnancy at all times. I have been to numerous people, even before my pregnancy, about the multitude of muscular pains I had and even though these pains were multiplied while pregnant, Garrett was the only person that completely cleared the constant throbbing aches that I had – even now, 6 months after the pregnancy, I haven’t had a single pain. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in his profession, but he is so helpful, friendly and attentive. I would highly recommend Garrett to anybody and couldn’t praise him highly enough. Thank you Garrett for your extreme professionalism, understanding and outstanding patience!’

Fiona Butler (October 2014)

 I’m fixed!!!!  Thanks a million Garrett can’t believe my hip feels so good this morning. Out on my first walk today and its not catching at all. Delighted thanks a mill.

Sharon Lee (May 2014)

Garrett is a fantastic therapist. He Clearly loves his job, demonstrating a keen interest in his clients & taking great pride in his work. As person with chronic back pain I have visited many a practitioner over the years but never found one as diligent and as dedicated as Garett. He’s just as generous with his time. With sessions being unrushed in the comfortable clinic in his own home, to the flexibility he offers when looking for appointments. Can’t rate this guy enough!

Esther Groarke-Powell (January 2014)

I went to see Garrett in April 2013 after having ACL knee surgery; I immediately found him to be very knowledgeable, patient and accommodating. Over the following months I visited Garret’s clinic regularly and with each visit I found myself progressing further through the stages of rehab, with Garrett providing solid advice and excellent therapeutic massage to get my weakened muscles strengthened and balance back on par. My return to competitive sport is imminent and I feel renewed confidence in my knee, sticking to the program planned out by Garrett has yielded good results and I would certainly recommend his services.

Ronan Casey (August 2013)

I first went to Garrett’s practice outside Prosperous in May 2013 as a result of a car accident which resulted in a neck injury. I immediately found Garret to be very pleasant to deal with, very accommodating (I work awkward times) and very aware of the injury’s I sustained. Over the course of the next few months I visited Garrett on a regular basis and found him to be highly professional in his treatment and any questions I had about progress or sporting activities. Thankfully my injury has healed and I’m back to my best but I would have no second thoughts about either reusing Garrett’s services (should the need arise) or recommending him to anybody.

Seamus Mc Loughlin

I saw Garrett in Aug 2012 for Physical Therapy on shoulder and neck problems I had . Garrett focused on the areas that were troubling me the most and worked out every bit of pain I had. He also ensured that all areas of my back had at least some form of treatment. The level of detail was something I had never witnessed before and I felt like a new body afterwards. I decided to further my visits with Garret to try resolving other longer term issues I’ve been having. I found him to be exemplary in the explanation of my problem and subsequent treatment of same. Garrett has a very relaxing presence and his knowledge of the muscles of the body and how they interact is second to none in my experience (and I’ve been to many physios over the years). I am quite sure that this treatment I am currently completing will be right first time and only ‘top-ups’ will be required over the years.

Tommy Byrne (October 2012)

I had the very uncomfortable and painful experience of pulling a muscle in my shoulder a few months ago (May 2013). This led to a trapped nerve which resulted in further pain in my arm. As the mother of a young baby who needed to be carried and expecting another baby at the time I really was at my wits end. Because of the pregnancy I was unable to take any pain killers and to be honest I viewed physical therapy as a last resort. If I knew what I know now, I would have gone on day one. He was professional, courteous and above all knowledgeable. Not to mention a very nice and decent guy. He dealt with my injury over the course of a few sessions and a tailor made exercise/stretching programme to do at home. I really wish I had gone to him sooner after all the unnecessary discomfort I endured.

Deborah Healy

I attended Garrett’s clinic after my friend recommended him. My lower back had been giving me trouble for awhile and was paining me on a daily basis.I didn’t know what to expect but Garrett put me at ease and was very thorough.He did some tests and identified that I had a ’tilted pelvis’ this was due to weak muscles and was a postural problem. After 4 treatments I was feeling much better and I started to do some strengthening for the weak ‘core muscles’. My back feels really strong now and I get it checked regularly.

Mary Geraghty (July 2012)

Why choose Physical Therapy

The Irish Association of Physical Therapists (I.A.P.T.) was established as the Professional Body ensuring excellence in the field of musculoskeletal health.

The I.A.P.T represents its members who practice Physical Therapy throughout Ireland.

All treatments performed by I.A.P.T. members adhere to the guidelines of the I.A.P.T. – ensuring the integrity of our clients and your well being and wishes, which is of the upmost importance at all times.

Physical Therapy provides a holistic and natural approach to help to restore you to a pain free life and to full health.

IAPT members are regulated by an independent professional association.

Physical Therapy treatments carried out by the I.A.P.T. members are recognised by the principal health insurance providers including: VHI; Quinn Healthcare; Hibernian Aviva Health and Garda Medical Aid Society.